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Our Clients

Luigi Rocca Hyperrealistic painter in Venice
Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery in the heart of Venice
Solomon's Mines Luxury goods in the Bahamas
MB Consulting Specialized in trade with Japan
Barry Friedman Ltd. Art in New York
J. snc Glass beads only made in Murano
William Pages Ltd. Catering Equipment in London
Chinacraft Porcelain & household articles in England
Ukai Co. Ltd. Museums & importer of high quality glassware
Vetreria Navagero Showroom of best Murano glassware
Insignia Masks & Beads in Australia
Fucina de Rossi Handmade lamps
Livio Seguso Unique glass Master
G.O.V. High class glassbeads
Global GiftMall Glassware in the U.S. throughout the World
Peruggi Artecontemporanea Contemporary Art in the aincent town of Padua
Joseph Wright Imports Glassware from Murano with a touch of magic
Lino Tagliapietra Exclusive art using glass in Murano & Seattle
Betty Bijoux The Art of making glass beads become wearable Art

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